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ASIC Enforcement Actions: Advertising and Credit Decisioning (G)

This topic summarises some of ASIC’s enforcement actions over a two-year period to the end of 2015, identifying key compliance obligations and risks for both brokers and lenders/consumer lessors who hold an Australian Credit Licence.

The examples cover ASIC’s actions on advertising and credit decisioning non-compliances. The relevant law and ASIC guidance is provided, along with a summary of the compliance obligations demonstrated in the enforcement actions or in ASIC’s industry guidance.

This topic covers the following:

• Advertising
• Responsible Lending Compliance
• Benchmarking
• Insurance Financing

This topic provides a general overview of ASIC’s actions and the compliance matters that prompted them. It provides guidance on some of the issues to consider in managing a compliance program but cannot be taken as legal advice.

There is an assessment component to this topic.
  • Advertising & Credit Decisioning
  • ASIC Enforcement Actions: Advertising and Credit Decisioning Assessment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever